FogIXP is a distributed IXP operated by iFog GmbH with multiple POPs connected over a L2 VPLS, Waves and DF. Some L2 is donated by a generous sponsor and the Waves, Dark Fiber and L2 are provided by iFog :)
Originally build as a Peering LAN for customers, now open to everyone!

Joining requirements:

-Have a valid public ASN
-Have up-to-date PeeringDB information (preferably)
-Have up-to-date RIR Whois information
-Only send traffic to destinations advertised by BGP on the Peering LAN
-Does not send any multicast (except ARP/IPv6 ND) packets
-Will not advertise the FogIXP addressing space outside of the FogIXP infrastructure.
-Will not abuse the Peering LAN for commercial services.
-Will not tunnel out the peering port or peering lan.
-MTU on the client interface must be at least 1500.

Current PoP:
-NTT ZRH1 / iFog Switzerland (Core)
-Interxion ZRH1 (Core)
-NIKHEF Amsterdam (room H140) (Core)
-Interxion AMS17 / iFog Amsterdam (Core)
-Cogent Halfweg Amsterdam (Core)
-NTT FRA1 / iFog Frankfurt (Core)
-Interxion Campus Frankfurt (Core)
-iFog London (Core)
-NTT Vienna 1 (Extension)

Planned PoP:
-iFog Barcelona / bitNAP
-iFog Norway

-Until further notice 1GbE ports are free of cost.
-NO SLA is given on any port.
-10G ports are allocated on a case-by-case basis to large peers.
-One port per organisation, exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.
-One peer per physical connection/port/vlan.
-If the ASN requesting to join has no IPv4 prefixes announced, only IPv6 - only an IPv6 peering IP will be allocated.
-For physical connections, bring your own optic or DAC and FogIXP does not cover the cost for the crossconnect.
-Locations connected via extension switch may only be available from a specific access partner.
-FogIXP is also avilable on iFog Colocation, Dedicated and VMs in Zurich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London.

-If you’re interested in joining FogIXP, please open a request here
-Find our member list here.

Q: Are there Route Servers?
A: Yes!
RS1: AS47498 - - 2001:7f8:ca:1::111
RS2: AS47498 - - 2001:7f8:ca:1::222

Q: Are there BGP Communities for the Route Servers?
A: Yes!
3x pre-pend to peer: 47498:103:peerasn
2x pre-pend to peer: 47498:102:peerasn
1x pre-pend to peer: 47498:101:peerasn
Do-Not-Export to peer: 0:peerasn

Q: Can I have a second port?
A: Additional ports are provided on a case-by-case basis, additional ports in different locations are only granted to networks with their own backbone.

Q: Can i join over a tunnel?
A: No! We dont support tunnels of any kind. You may connect over a crossconnect in one of the location FogIXP is present.

Q: Why yet another IXP?
A: Long story short: We do not aim to compete with other IXPs.
FogIXP is an L2 Peering LAN that was originally thought to be an alternative to building dozen of P2P and shared VLANs between customers and networks in on-net networks for BGP peerings. As the idea grew in our social circle, other networks who are in the same DCs wanted to join, hence it's now an IXP where everyone is welcome (see rules).

Q: Can i become a Partner/Reseller?
A: Yes, you may reach out to us after reading our Access Partner Guidelines.

Currently there are three switches in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich connected over a L2 and Waves. Extension switchs are connected over a L2 or XC to the core Peering LAN.

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